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  • hell-wheels-check-crazy-bicycles-1940s

    Hell on Wheels: Check Out These Crazy Bicycles from the 1940s

    Nowadays, it’s all about getting lighter and lighter. But back in the day the engineers were finding solutions to completely different problems. Problems that might not have been even there, we got to admit that, but that doesn’t make their solutions any less interesting. On…

  • leonardo-da-vinci-invent-bicycle

    Did Leonardo da Vinci Invent the Bicycle?

    Mona Lisa might be the piece of art the general public is most interested in, but cyclists have a different favourite. In 1974, a sketch of “Leonardo’s bike” was presented to the public as a part of the newly restored Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus. But…

  • 41-things-women-riders-forbidden-1895

    41 Things That Women Riders Were Forbidden to Do in 1895

    Bicycle might have done a lot for the emancipation of women, but it sure wasn‘t a smooth ride all along. On June 21st, 1895, a newspaper called “Newark Sunday Advocate” ran a story which would be absolutely unacceptable today. The Unique Cycling Club of Chicago…