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  • what-are-bike-buses-and-why-do-kids-love-them

    What Are Bike Buses and Why Do Kids Love Them?

    You can tell in an instant when the kids return to school – suddenly the roads are nearly grid-locked. In big cities, heavy traffic is a common complaint on the school run. So, the citizens of Barcelona decided they’d had enough.

  • the-future-looks-rosy-for-urban-cyclists

    The Future Looks Rosy for Urban Cyclists

    Today is the first day of your cycling future, and that future is exciting. I don’t have a crystal ball but I am certain that cycling in cities will be very different and much more fun in 2030 than it is today. The reason is…

  • city-of-leipzig-the-place-made-for-cycling

    City of Leipzig: The Place Made for Cycling

    ”I don’t know Leipzig like the back of my hand yet but one thing I can say after just a year living here: Leipzig is definitely a damn great cycling city,” says twenty-year-old Vincent who refers to himself as a student in a featured article…