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  • funding-cuts-threaten-londons-cycling-infrastructure

    Funding Cuts Threaten London’s Cycling Infrastructure

    If you are a cyclist living in London or planning to visit the city and see it by bike, you should know that cycling in the city may soon be more dangerous as planned improvements on the city’s bike infrastructure may have to be cancelled…

  • cyclists-wait-for-safer-city-cycling-conditions

    Cyclists Wait for Safer City Cycling Conditions

    Anyone who has cycled in a big city on a bike path separated from the traffic by no more than a line of white paint will understand the results of a recent study, which found that a lack of proper cycling infrastructure with paths physically…

  • top-10-worst-cycle-lanes-from-around-the-world

    Top 10 Worst Cycle Lanes from Around the World 

    Not long ago, we staked out a bold new goal for We Love Cycling magazine: to collect as many of the worst cycle lanes across the globe as we could and gather them in the biggest gallery of its kind. And thus, the Worst Cycle…