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Urban cycling

  • should-cyclists-be-licensed-and-insured

    Should Cyclists Be Licensed – and Insured?

    On a bleak English day in March 2019, The Right Honourable The Lord Winston stood in Parliament’s House of Lords and asked whether cyclists “riding bicycles in city centres should have a licence and third-party insurance?”

  • cities-opening-up-to-everybody

    The Cities Are Opening Up to Everybody

    Biking in most European cities involves many things that can make you fly off the handle(bars): fuming lorries, peevish drivers, traffic jams, roadways intersecting cycle paths in an unfortunate way, tricky rails, cobblestones, rough kerbs, infinite rows of traffic lights, lack of space to park…

  • idiotic-intersections-and-how-to-fix-them

    Idiotic Intersections and How to Fix Them

    Whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike, the place you’re most likely to collide with another vehicle is a junction – where two or more roads meet. And given that no one wants to bend their frame, or scratch their paintwork – what…