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  • treating-common-bike-injuries

    Treating Common Bike Injuries

    If you’re an avid cyclist, the chances are good that you will suffer a cycling injury in your lifetime, most likely from a crash, but not necessarily. According to a recent study, the parts of your body most commonly affected by cycling injuries are, in…

  • should-bike-couriers-be-banned-from-wearing-helmets

    Should Bike Couriers Be Banned from Wearing Helmets?

    Wearing a helmet protects a cyclist against severe head injury in case of a crash. Most cyclists who wear a helmet feel safer doing so. But is it possible that helmets create a false sense of security? Do cyclists engage in risky behaviour as a…

  • insight-into-strava-why-do-women-cycle-less-in-cities

    Insight into Strava: Why Do Women Cycle Less in Cities?

    It doesn’t take a genius in the industry to know that more men cycle than women, whether that’s in a city or elsewhere. The benefits of cycling to women are no different to that of men so it makes little sense that fewer women should…