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Get Ready to Pedal into Fun with Škoda Bike Planet’s Revamped Sequel!

By Frantiska Blazkova

Hold onto your handlebars, because the popular Roblox game Škoda Bike Planet is getting a fresh, exciting sequel this June!

The expansion of the Škodaverse initiative to Roblox marks the next chapter in Škoda Auto’s journey into exploring the next phase of the Internet, defined by Web3 metaverse and immersive experiences.

Last year, Škoda Auto’s Polish branch zoomed into the gaming world with Škoda Bike Planet, a cycling adventure perfect for riders of all ages, especially the little ones. It was all about introducing them to cycling safety and etiquette in a fun way. And guess what? They’re back with an even cooler follow-up that dives into real-life traffic situations.

Škoda Bike Planet

The original game was released on Roblox, a platform where users can create, share, and play games. Since Roblox’s debut in 2006, it has grown into a massive virtual playground with millions of games.

The first game was all about missions, mini-quests, and showing off tricks in the Amusement Park. But Škoda Bike Planet Season 2 takes it up a notch! It’s a gamified, hands-on way to learn cycling rules and safety—no blackboard lessons here. Experts have designed it to be as fun as it is educational and for the first time will be available globally in English language.

Get ready for 60 stages packed with both learning and laughter. Each gameplay session on your virtual bike will have you tackling 12 stages, teaching you crucial safety tips and traffic rules. By the end of it, you’ll be ready to hit the real roads with confidence.

Škoda Bike Planet

The game’s built in OBBY mode, which stands for obstacle course—one of the most engaging and exciting game mechanics out there. You’ll navigate through floating worlds filled with real-life traffic signs, lights, and simplified traffic situations. Think roundabouts, intersections, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and other tricky spots—each one a fun challenge to conquer.

The developers teamed up with an expert to identify the most effective and practical way how to translate the important yet not terribly intriguing traffic rules into something people across age groups can genuinely enjoy.

But don’t worry, Škoda Bike Planet isn’t just a disguised traffic lesson. The vibrant, over-the-top environments and exaggerated scenarios will keep you hooked. Plus, there are tons of cool rewards to unlock for completing stages and returning daily.

So, would you give this game a spin? Let us know in the comments below!