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  • drop-bars-vs-flat-bars-a-guide-to-handlebars

    Drop Bars vs Flat Bars: A Guide to Handlebars

    With the rise of mixed terrain, long tours and the bikepacking scene, bikes and the variations they come in has been evolving. Once upon a time there was the road and the mountain bike, with either flat or drop bars. But with the variations in…

  • 4-rules-for-effective-interval-training

    4 Rules for Effective Interval Training

    Interval training plays a vital role in the development of any athlete, whether amateur or professional. It consists of alternating periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of low-intensity recovery or rest. To create an effective interval training plan, you have to understand four basic principles.

  • how-to-plan-your-first-family-cycling-trip

    How to Plan Your First Family Cycling Trip

    Family cycling trips offer an excellent way to strengthen family bonds, nurture love for the outdoors, and encourage physical fitness. Planning your first family cycling trip can seem daunting, especially if you have young children, but with the right preparation, it can be a rewarding…

  • what-are-bike-buses-and-why-do-kids-love-them

    What Are Bike Buses and Why Do Kids Love Them?

    You can tell in an instant when the kids return to school – suddenly the roads are nearly grid-locked. In big cities, heavy traffic is a common complaint on the school run. So, the citizens of Barcelona decided they’d had enough.

  • 3-protection-tips-for-your-muddy-spring-rides

    3 Protection Tips for Your Muddy Spring Rides

    Spring is here – and so too is the sun! Or is it? Maybe if you’re lucky. For most of us, however, spring only means a continuation of the mud that arrived in winter. Actually, it seems like there’s even more now that it’s not…

  • weather-causes-more-disruption-at-giro-as-stage-13-is-shortened

    Weather Causes More Disruption at Giro as Stage 13 is Shortened

    The chaos on this year’s Giro d’Italia just won’t quit. The race has been badly disrupted by multiple cases of Covid and, especially, continuous rainfall that has caused many crashes and withdrawals. On Friday, as rain continued to lash the course, and much of Italy,…