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  • will-ashwagandha-level-up-your-cycling-performance

    Will Ashwagandha Level Up Your Cycling Performance?

    Ashwagandha is a supplement used in traditional Indian medicine that’s been rising in popularity around the world. Some studies are linking it to improved strength and endurance performance. Could it be the next thing for cyclists? Let’s take a closer look at the science.

  • the-uci-is-supporting-young-riders-from-around-the-world

    The UCI Is Supporting Young Riders From Around the World

    When Biniam Girmay won last year’s one-day Gent–Wevelgem, becoming the first African to win a major UCI WorldTour race, it provoked celebrations not only in his home country of Eritrea, but also in the Swiss town of Aigle, home of the UCI World Cycling Centre…

  • ai-powered-bicycle-with-wild-features-to-come-from-acer

    AI-Powered Bicycle with Wild Features to Come from Acer

    The “ebii”, as the bike is called, adapts to the rider’s pedalling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, while its AI continuously evolves the personalized experience over time. During rides, the controller leverages its AI technology to automatically adjust motor output to provide…

  • what-makes-a-great-bike-shop

    What Makes a Great Bike Shop?

    What makes a great bike shop? The answer is subjective and hard to pinpoint. Every cyclist has their own opinion of what gives a bike shop that little extra something special. Luckily, that means everyone can find a shop that suits them.

  • how-to-train-with-a-power-meter-zones-training-load

    How to Train with a Power Meter – Zones & Training Load

    Power meters have a variety of applications in cycling. You can use them to guide your efforts during rides, track training load, and measure or test your performance. They can be a big help in hitting your goals and reaching your racing potential. Let’s look…

  • prep-your-bike-for-spring-by-juliet-elliott

    Prep Your Bike for Spring by Juliet Elliott

    For many of us, spring means a restart, a renewal or a refresh. It could mean we dust off our hibernating bikes and ready them for rides with the family, taking time to strip down, spring clean and repair our favourite machines so they’ll serve…

  • rash-proof-your-wearable-tech-3-tips-to-keep-your-skin-safe

    Rash-Proof Your Wearable Tech: 3 Tips to Keep Your Skin Safe

    Wearable technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering convenient ways to track cycling performance, overall fitness, and health. While the benefits of wearable tech are undeniable, it’s important to consider the potential risks to your skin. Fortunately, there are steps you can take…

  • city-of-leipzig-the-place-made-for-cycling

    City of Leipzig: The Place Made for Cycling

    ”I don’t know Leipzig like the back of my hand yet but one thing I can say after just a year living here: Leipzig is definitely a damn great cycling city,” says twenty-year-old Vincent who refers to himself as a student in a featured article…