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  • 4-insanely-expensive-bikes-in-2022

    4 Insanely Expensive Bikes in 2022

    If you can’t put a price on love, you’ve obviously never fallen in love with a bike. Unfortunately, to have your love reciprocated, bike shops want some kind of dowry, mainly in the form of money. So, let’s talk a bit about the most expensive…

  • dont-make-these-six-summer-riding-mistakes

    Don’t Make These Six Summer Riding Mistakes!

    The summer is here, and the weather is sweet. Ok, technically, we still have a few weeks left of ‘spring.’ Still, many places are already experiencing scorching temperatures, and the joy that is pedalling into a warm, gentle breeze has officially been unlocked. This time…

  • the-greatest-domestiques-of-all-time

    The Greatest Domestiques of All Time

    With the Tour de France knocking on our door, it’s high time to take a look at the heroes that make this event the biggest spectacle in the two-wheeled world. While for most people, those are yellow jersey owners, the winners of the ŠKODA Green…