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Socialising and Culture

  • a-short-history-of-cycling-outside-the-west

    A Short History of Cycling Outside the West

    When the bicycle first sailed the ocean to Asian and African countries, it didn’t make a good impression. On the contrary: the weird two-wheeled object was perceived as a suspicious thing imported by the not-so-beloved Western colonialists.

  • the-dark-side-of-the-bicycle-craze-domestic-cycling

    The Dark Side of the Bicycle Craze: Domestic Cycling

    For Victorian women, the invention of the so-called safety bicycle represented nothing short of a revolution. It’s the 1890s and womankind is allowed to hop on a saddle and pedal towards greater independence. This era, known as the ‘bicycle craze’, marked a crucial point in…

  • a-brief-history-of-braking-systems

    A Brief History of Braking Systems

    The attempts to reduce speed are an essential issue of cycling since its dawn. While the first pioneering solutions were as simple as braking with a sole of one’s shoe, the evolution stepped up a gear with the introduction of bicycles with pedals and drivetrain.…