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  • cgm-in-cycling-the-evolution-and-future-trends

    CGM in Cycling – The Evolution and Future Trends

    The evolution of continuous glucose monitoring has been rapid! It went from a wired Walkman-sized device for diabetics in 1999 to a wireless gadget the size of a coin that athletes use nowadays. Let’s take a quick look at how far has the technology progressed…

  • cgm-in-cycling-myths

    CGM in Cycling – Myths

    Continuous glucose monitoring has a lot of benefits and there are practical ways to use it in training as a cyclist. But there are also a lot of myths about these devices and about monitoring glucose in general. Let’s take a closer look at the…

  • is-cycling-and-lifting-in-one-day-too-much

    Is Cycling and Lifting in One Day Too Much?

    Strength training and cycling are both beneficial for cyclists. Endurance training is obviously vital for sport-specific performance, but strength training is crucial for injury prevention, overall health, and longevity. So, the question is, should you try to fit both into one day?