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  • heart-rate-variability-how-to-improve-it

    Heart Rate Variability – How to Improve It

    Heart rate variability shows how well you deal with stress. Measuring HRV can reveal a lot about your health, lifestyle, and training. You can use HRV to track improvements in all of these areas. Let’s take a look at ways to improve your HRV.

  • e-bike-your-way-to-fitness

    E-Bike Your Way to Fitness

    I think most people would agree that electric bicycles have some important advantages over road bikes. For example, they enable you to climb hills you may not be strong enough to ascend on pedal power alone. E-bikes also enable you to keep up with cyclists…

  • how-does-garmin-measure-your-heat-altitude-acclimation

    How Does Garmin Measure Your Heat & Altitude Acclimation?

    Are you planning a cycling holiday somewhere warm and mountainous? Cycling in harsh conditions like high altitude and heat feels a lot harder at first. Your Garmin can help you understand how quickly your body adapts to these environmental factors. Let’s review how to read…