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  • reasons-to-skip-a-ride-that-you-should-not-ignore

    Reasons to Skip a Ride That You Should Not Ignore

    Skipping a ride in MTB culture is often perceived as a fate worse than death. However, sometimes skipping a ride is the best thing to do. You know, going down a trail or climbing an absurdly steep pick should be fun. It should be your…

  • is-cycling-and-lifting-in-one-day-too-much

    Is Cycling and Lifting in One Day Too Much?

    Strength training and cycling are both beneficial for cyclists. Endurance training is obviously vital for sport-specific performance, but strength training is crucial for injury prevention, overall health, and longevity. So, the question is, should you try to fit both into one day?

  • 3-signs-a-cyclist-needs-a-rest-week

    3 Signs a Cyclist Needs a Rest Week

    How can you tell you’re carrying too much cumulative fatigue? Should you go by how you feel, by changes in performance or your heart rate variability? Let’s take at the 3 most important signs that every cyclist should look out for.

  • what-does-the-new-garmin-endurance-score-feature-tell-you

    What Does the New Garmin Endurance Score Feature Tell You?

    Garmin introduced the Endurance Score metric to provide a comprehensive insight into athletes’ capacity to maintain performance levels over long durations. This article delves into what this metric is, how it’s calculated, and how it differs from the well-known VO2 Max metric.