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  • how-does-cycling-affect-your-hormones

    How Does Cycling Affect Your Hormones?

    Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body. There are more than 50 identified hormones that instruct the body to perform various physiological functions, ensuring we survive and thrive. They can’t be turned off but we can affect them. Most importantly, when we understand our…

  • back-in-the-saddle-ease-into-it

    Back in the Saddle – Ease into It

    It’s so easy to overdo it at the beginning of the season and take all the fun out of cycling or end up with an injury. We know that we should start slow and gradually build but the excitement of a sunny afternoon early in…

  • how-to-tell-when-youre-rested

    How To Tell When You’re Rested

    In today’s world of fitness trackers and wattmeters, it might seem easy to tell when you can keep pushing and when you should rest. Unfortunately, technology and data are only half the story. You might hit your watt numbers and follow the recovery advice from…