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  • how-to-revamp-your-old-bike-for-dirt-cheap

    How to Revamp Your Old Bike for Dirt Cheap

    Hands up if you’ve got a bike you can’t bring yourself to part with. You may have even taken pictures of it, ready to slap it on eBay but ‘something’ stays your hand and you end up wheeling the bike back into the garage.

  • top-tips-beat-headwind

    Top Tips to Beat a Headwind

    “You never have the wind with you – either it is against you or you’re having a good day.” All cyclists intuitively understand Daniel Behrman’s dark humour – you only notice the wind when it’s being unhelpful. Follow these tips to blow away a headwind.

  • top-tip-choose-right-saddle

    TOP TIPS: How to Choose the Right Saddle?

    Everybody knows since Anatomy 101 that male and female bodies have their differences. Everything from clothing to cosmetics is made with these specifics in mind, and various sports gear is not an exception. If you are ever in a pickle over which bike saddle should…