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  • the-1-5-meter-rule-will-be-put-into-law-in-the-czech-republic

    The 1.5-Meter Rule Will Be Put into Law in the Czech Republic

    Today on April 14, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic voted in favour of bigger protection of cyclists on the roads. 67 out of the 102 present deputies (the number was lowered due to the Covid-19 pandemic) approved the proposal laid before the…

  • be-aware-of-these-winter-cycling-risks

    Be Aware of These Winter Cycling Hazards

    Winter cycling challenge makes us commute through the coldest month of the year, which presents many hidden hazards we should be expecting on the roads.

  • bike-lane-etiquette-101

    Bike Lane Etiquette 101

    Cities around the world are embracing cycling as a mode of transportation and are investing in making their communities more accessible for bikes. As cycling continues to grow in popularity, policymakers have had no choice but to prioritize bike lanes in order to accommodate this…