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These Vintage Cycling Illustrations Will Make Your Day

By Tereza Antonova

As autumn is now in full swing and the long, dark days begin to take a toll on the mood of many, we feel the need to brighten up the day and pamper ourselves with a reasonable amount of nostalgia. Let’s dive into the past with these vintage cycling illustrations.

Cycling Illustration
Better safe than sorry. © Profimedia
A somewhat unexpected encounter. © Profimedia
Vintage Cycling Picture
Should I, should I not? © Profimedia
Now, that is a tough decision to make. © Profimedia
Retro Cycling Picture
We can do it! © Profimedia
Vintage picture
Good day, Sir! © Profimedia
Retro picture
This is scary on many levels. © Profimedia
Vintage Illustration
The best gift you can wish for. © Profimedia