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V-rroom! By Mattel: The Bicycle All 60s Kids Wanted Because It Made This Sound

By Monica Buck

You can tell it’s Mattel… it’s swell.

Jack Ryan might have only lasted a year and a half as the sixth husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor. However, in the toy designing department, he left a much longer-lasting legacy. He worked at Mattel for 20 years and as the company’s vice president of research and development, he was responsible for the Barbie doll, Hot Wheels and among many other things – the V-rroom!.

Dear Dad,
Mattel’s V-RROOM! Bicycle is the toughest bike under the sun – with heavy-duty shock absorbers, a front pivot to take the bounce out of bumps, a double frame of rugged steel, a Bendix coaster brake, and reinforced wheels with extra spokes. Oh yes… plus Mattel’s optional V-RROOM! sound unit with the roar that sounds like a motorcycle! And it’s rough’n’tough enough for YOU to ride!

How many moms and dads did this letter written by Mattel’s marketing department persuade? We shall never know.

You could buy the Stallion model, the futuristic X-15 or the rugged Bronco. The V-rroom! “engine” also came as a standalone product so you could snap it on pretty much any bicycle or tricycle your kids had.

Wouldn’t you want one as a kid? This should definitely make a comeback!