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Hell on Wheels: Check Out These Crazy Bicycles from the 1940s

By Monica Buck

Nowadays, it’s all about getting lighter and lighter. But back in the day the engineers were finding solutions to completely different problems. Problems that might not have been even there, we got to admit that, but that doesn’t make their solutions any less interesting. On the contrary, the gallery below is full of amusing ideas. So sit back and let us transport you back to the 1940s.

Andy Koslow, a bicycle dealer from Chicago, with a tiny bike built by a former vaudevillian.
This four-man bicycle was built by Art Rotschild (the man sitting on top) who broke three ribs while learning how to ride it. It is powered by five chains and has brakes on both wheels.
The rear of Maurice Steinlauf’s bike is connected to the roving front wheel by springs only.
The Uno-Wheel has been known to spin its rider round and round inside the big wheel if braked suddenly.
Gangbusters’ Bike equipped with 13 shotguns, 2 revolvers, six bayonets, and a flare gun.
A solution to Chicago’s icy winter streets? Joe Steinlauf’s Ice Bike with protective mittens on handles looks rather aggressive.
Joe Steinlauf dreamed up the Bedstead Bike while lying in bed one day.
The square-wheeled bike was built after a bicycle wreck experience.
How does one even climb into the saddle?
Would you want a bike like this to ride with your buddies?
One for your bestie!