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  • go-to-madrid-and-race-in-la-vuelta-virtual-with-rouvy

    Go to Madrid and Race in La Vuelta Virtual with Rouvy

    On the 11th of September, right at the finish of La Vuelta, qualified Rouviers together with selected ambassadors are going to ride the Grand Final of La Vuelta Virtual, together with hundreds of other riders online. Join the La Vuelta Warm Up and become one…

  • cycling-for-ukraine

    Cycling for Ukraine

    Fighting in Ukraine has been going on for one month now, since Russian armed forces invaded the country on February 24. Since then, some 3.4 million Ukrainians have fled the country, looking for refuge while waiting for the fighting to end.

  • stay-fit-in-january-start-cycling-online-now

    Stay Fit in January: Start Cycling Online Now

    Whether you decided to set a New Year’s resolution or just want to continue with your training despite the winter weather, cycling online is a great way to do both. Our friends from Rouvy have set up a special offer for We Love Cycling readers…

  • the-best-smart-indoor-trainers-for-2022

    The Best Smart Indoor Trainers for 2022

    What are the best smart trainers to consider for your home training setup? Let’s go over the top wheel-on trainers as well as the higher-end direct drive ones. This article will help you make the right choice whether you prefer quiet trainers, the best road…

  • looking-back-on-2020

    Looking Back on 2020

    Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the professional cycling scene didn’t break down and concluded at the finish of all three Grand Tours. Even though most races were postponed and stripped of the audience, it was a successful year with many positive feats.

  • race-virtual-with-rouvy-and-the-eschborn-frankfurt-e-challenge

    Race Virtual with Rouvy and the Eschborn-Frankfurt E-Challenge

    After the Škoda Velotour E-Race spearheaded the way for digitalization of large-scale and high-profile cycling events, another race has taken to a cycling platform for indoor riding. As all of the Grand Tours and other significant events of this season, the Eschborn-Frankfurt race suffered organizational…