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Best Mobile Apps for Indoor Cycling in 2024? Here You Go

By Adam Marsal

Would you like to get a new mobile app for indoor cycling training but don’t know which one is the right for you? Are you getting lost in the endless world of offers from different providers before you can make a decision? We don’t blame you because, at first glance, most apps look very similar. This article will try to give you the basic information you need to make a decision. 


Who is it good for: if you have 60 minutes to bike, ROUVY is the answer for any type of rider ranging from a beginner to a pro. 

What it gets you: ROUVY is an app that offers a realistic cycling experience in the comfort of your own home through high-quality videos based on a GPS profile of the route and augmented reality where animated 3D riders can experience 7,000 km of certified routes. Everyone can choose from more than 3,000 interactive route films or training plans that include 70 iconic locations such as Passo Dello Stelvio, Alpe d’Huez or Kona. All you need is a trainer, a bike and a screen, which can be either a TV or a laptop. This platform works with any type of trainer, be it a smart-bike one, direct-drive or wheel-on.


TraineerRoad is great for cyclists and triathletes looking for a way to improve their performance. TrainerRoad is your new digital coach that continuously adapts to the evolution (and possibly decline) of your performance, whether you ride outdoors or at home.

Choose from over a hundred training plans suitable for any cycling discipline. The app can assess your fitness level and assign you a customised workout. With a choice of 3,000 structured training plans, you’re never in the situation of not finding the right challenge. The interactive training calendar helps you to fit training into your daily schedule, whether you prefer to train outdoors or at home.

The main advantage is the personalised training plans that intelligently adapt to your performance, your time availability and your set goals. With TrainNow, you get training that is tailored to your individual progress. With Progression Levels, you can track how your fitness develops. The programme measures your fitness in individual training zones and flexibly adapts your personal programme to the results.


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Exercise Bike Workouts

This one is good for all athletes who want to shed extra pounds or get a little fitter on their exercise bike without having to spend on expensive spinning classes.

All you have to do is download the app to your phone and get yourself a trainer bike. As with all workout apps, you can choose from a variety of training plans to suit your individual cycling goals. The programme is also suitable for the undemanding athlete happy with two trainings a week only. Each workout is designed to gradually improve your body without fear of injury or burnout. It’s simple: you get on your bike, spin the wheels and follow the voice instructions from your digital trainer. You can track your progress with the stationary bike tracker. You have basic data such as average heart rate, calories burned or total distance covered right in front of your eyes.

CycleGo – Indoor Cycling

The ideal app for anyone who alternates indoor cycling with running on a treadmill. And let’s be honest, there aren’t many athletes of that kind among us.

What it gets you: the app offers a refreshing change for your workout at home (or even at the gym). The choice of music and, above all, the ability to navigate virtually through a personalised landscape turn your workout into an authentic sports experience. Thanks to this app, losing pounds and gaining performance is finally no longer boring.

Cycling Workout Companion

This is an app for demanding athletes who divide their free time between athletic training and rigorous analysis of the data collected during training.

This app provides you with as much data as you want about the progress of each of your workouts. This makes it the ultimate tool for guided improvement of your athletic fitness. As one of the top-rated indoor cycling apps for 2024, it not only shows you the time spent in each heart rate zone by connecting to any heart rate sensor but also sends you all the summary information about your last workout via email. Of course, it can be visualised on the Apple Watch.

Motosumo Live

Motosumo app is intended for indoor cyclists enjoying pedalling in the company of other people but who find it difficult to fit their training into their busy schedule.

The uplifting aspect is the fact that you can plan your training sessions and synchronize them with your calendar with a single tap on display. This means there are no more excuses for not having time to exercise. Unlike individual workout apps, Motosumo offers the ability to connect with instructors and other community members. Using motion sensors on your smartphone, the app effortlessly monitors your cadence, distance travelled and calories burned. It’s like having a personal fitness assistant right in your pocket.