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ROUVY La Vuelta Virtual: The Thrill of a Grand Tour from Your Home

By We Love Cycling

The excitement of racing an actual Grand Tour is desired by many and attainable by very few – but with the advance of technology, these dreams are easily within reach. This year, gear up for the La Vuelta Virtual, a remarkable racing experience brought to your very living room by ROUVY. Partnering exclusively with the iconic Spanish race, ROUVY invites you to enjoy La Vuelta’s sights, killer climbs and challenges with high-quality video routes and several difficulty levels from August 26, 2023, onwards.

Needless to say, La Vuelta a España is a road racing legend. It’s unpredictable, gripping, hot, brutal, and anything but conventional. This race stands out in the cycling world as a testament to endurance, passion, and spirit. Over the years, the terrains of Spain have witnessed countless tales of triumphs, setbacks, and breathtaking moments, making La Vuelta an iconic name in the world of professional cycling.

La Vuelta Virtual
Test your riding skills at La Vuelta Virtual.

Now, imagine being able to ride through the scenic routes, facing the challenges and feeling the rush, without even stepping out of your house. That’s the magic of ROUVY La Vuelta Virtual. It’s not just about cycling; it’s about living the experience. With realistic high-quality video routes, every twist and turn feels genuine. Whether you’re racing on the same day as the pros with the 1:1 races or taking on challenges tailored for all cyclist levels, the thrill remains unparalleled. And with prizes and virtual jerseys up for grabs and special appearances like that of Grand Tour champion Andy Schleck, the motivation is sky-high!

ROUVY stands tall as the premier indoor cycling app, merging sports with state-of-the-art technology, and revolutionising the realm of indoor cycling. Offering a panoramic video experience that transcends borders, riders can traverse over 1,300 Augmented Reality (AR) routes globally. This summer, the app has upped its game, adding 11 fresh routes from La Vuelta Virtual 2023 to its expansive repertoire. And the cherry on the top? An enticing 1+1 offer, giving riders a free month with their monthly subscription. Just register on rouvy.com and redeem it using the code WLC1PLUS1FREE by September 30, 2023.

Will we be seeing you on the virtual slopes of La Vuelta? Let us know!

La Vuelta Virtual