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Stay Fit in January: Start Cycling Online Now

By Monica Buck

Whether you decided to set a New Year’s resolution or just want to continue with your training despite the winter weather, cycling online is a great way to do both. Our friends from Rouvy have set up a special offer for We Love Cycling readers so that you can try cycling online in the best possible quality for free.

Their monthly training plan was created by professionals and segmented into four weeks of “getting back in shape”. Let’s take it week by week to see what you can do.

1st Introduction week

The introductory week will slowly get you going. Workouts are rather easy and will just show you various training structures but, most importantly, they’ll will warm you up and prepare you for the next training sessions.

2nd Endurance week

Endurance is the base for every training and performance enhancement. In the long term, the slow-pace and long endurance training hours will move you forward. So, do not underestimate endurance training – every kilometre ridden, even at a slow pace, counts!

3rd High-intensity week

Intervals of high intensity are necessary for preparing you for the races where you really go as fast as possible and reach your limits. Stressing your body with these intense intervals will help it adapt to this kind of speed. There’s no need to do them very often but you definitely should go for them from time to time!

4th Tempo week

Tempo training sessions are usually the favourite ones. A challenging but comforting pace, faster than endurance but still not that intense, will keep you going pretty quickly without making you suffer! Unfortunately, they are not that effective and it makes sense to do them just a few times during your training plan.


The best thing about Rouvy is the Augmented reality in which you will do the exercises. In each of them, you’ll visit a different part of the world through your screen and ride through a variety of real environments without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

So, feel like exploring the world? Join us here for the free perks of being a We Love Cycling reader.