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The Thrilling Route of La Vuelta 24: A Journey Across Portugal and Spain

By Monica Buck

The highly-anticipated 79th edition of La Vuelta, Spain’s premier cycling tour, is set to captivate audiences with its challenging and scenic route. Unveiled at a grand event in the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel, La Vuelta 24 promises a blend of traditional and innovative stages that will test the mettle of the world’s best cyclists.

A Grand Departure from Lisbon and the journey through Portugal

Kicking off on August 17th, the race will begin with an exhilarating individual time trial, weaving from Lisbon to Oeiras. As the cyclists pedal through the picturesque landscapes of Portugal, they’ll tackle stages from Cascais to Ourém and from Lousã to Castello Branco. This marks the second time Portugal has hosted the Grand Departure of La Vuelta, the first being in 1997, again from Lisbon.

The Spanish Leg: A diverse and demanding terrain

Crossing into Spain via Extremadura, the riders will face a challenging mountain stage between Plasencia and Villuercas Peak, revisiting a stage first introduced in 2021. The route then winds south to Seville, marking the return of Andalusia as a key player in the race. Here, the cyclists will encounter varied terrains, including a potential sprint finish from Archidona to Córdoba and a high-mountain stage featuring three Category 1 mountain passes.

Galicia’s majestic mountains and the Northern adventure

The race’s second week is a celebration of mountainous terrain, starting in Pontevedra and moving through iconic locations like the Manzaneda Ski Resort and the Ancares Mountain Pass, known for its memorable victories. The challenging stages continue in León and Asturias, with the formidable Cuitu Negru awaiting the riders.

The final sprint to Madrid: A tribute to tradition

In the race’s third week, Asturias and Cantabria take center stage, with stages culminating at the legendary Lagos de Covadonga. The journey towards Madrid includes stages through the Cantabrian Coast, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and the breathtaking climbs of Alto de Moncalvillo and Picón Blanco. The grand finale, a time trial in Madrid, coincides with the 100th anniversary of Telefónica, ending the race on a note of historical significance.

Elevating the race with mid-mountain challenges and virtual participation

La Vuelta 24 stays true to its essence of innovation and toughness, featuring not just high-altitude finishes but also a critical mid-mountain stage. For cycling enthusiasts around the world, ROUVY offers a virtual experience of the race, allowing fans to ride the stages using smart indoor bike trainers.

A historical nod to Portugal’s role in La Vuelta

As La Vuelta returns to Portugal, it celebrates a historical bond dating back to 1997, when the race first started outside Spain. Lisbon’s double honor of hosting the Grand Departure cements its place in La Vuelta’s storied legacy.

La Vuelta 24: A fusion of tradition, innovation, and scenic beauty

As the cycling world gears up for La Vuelta 24, the race promises to be a thrilling display of endurance, strategy, and the sheer beauty of the Iberian landscape. From the historic streets of Lisbon to the grand finale in Madrid, this edition of La Vuelta is poised to be a spectacular showcase of cycling at its finest.