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Useful Gifts for Gravel Riders and Bikepackers

By Charlotte Murray

Whoever said riding bikes was a cheap hobby was lying. Then when you discover gravel riding and bikepacking, you realise you need even more fancy gear. So, if you have a gravel grinder or a bikepacking fanatic in your life, then buying them gear for their hobby will be guaranteed to make them very happy.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a special birthday, or you just want to treat them, we’ve got a selection of great gifts to get your loved ones.

A personalised neck tube

Have you considered gifting your favourite bikepacker a personalised neck tube AKA a buff, snood or neck gaiter? From their favourite location on a map, or their cycling club’s logo, a personalised neck tube will be well-used and well-loved by whoever receives one. For the bikepacker, a neck tube can have so many different uses, from covering their face on those dusty, desert trails, to being an eye mask for when the sun rises just a little too early from their bivvy spot.

A personalised headset top cap

Headset stem cap
A camping trip headset stem cap

If you want to give something meaningful but don’t want to break the bank, then a personalised headset top cap will do just the trick. Whether a picture of their dog, or a motivational message, the recipient will think of you when they’re pushing hard through a climb with their personalised top cap right under their nose.

Bikepacking Collective membership

If you’ve ever considered yourself an off-road rider, you’ll have likely spent time trawling through the many different routes of Bikepacking.com, longing for enough time off work to ride them all. The Bikepacking Collective offers you various benefits including the bi-annual publication of The Bikepacking Journal, rewards, gear, discounts and more. So for the gift that keeps on giving, a Bikepacking Collective membership will be a hit with the gravel rider or bikepacker in your life.

A merino cycle jersey

Patagonia merino jersey
Patagonia’s merino jersey

Merino is one of those miracle fabrics that seems to never smell no matter how many days you’ve been on the bike (OK within reason, you may have to wash it eventually). It’s also great at keeping you warm when wet, so when you’re hitting puddles on those gravel lanes, you’ll know that you aren’t compromising on warmth in the same way as you would if you were wearing a cotton t-shirt. So, for the cyclist in your life who likes to sport a jersey, a merino jersey is a great combination.

A voucher for their favourite brand

Whether they’re a rapha-aficionado or they prefer an endura ensemble, a gift voucher for their favourite brand will often go down well. It can be difficult to buy an item of clothing for someone, not knowing exactly how they’d like it to fit or which colours they prefer. So with a gift voucher, you can be sure they’ll buy exactly what they want but it still feels like something they may not have bought if they had the cash.

A selection of bikepacking straps in different lengths

Bicycle Straps
Sea to Summit’s Stretch-Loc TPU Straps

These are so useful for both bikepacking and everyday riding. Whether you need to make a trail-side repair miles from a shop, or you just want to carry an extra inner tube without the faff of a bag, bikepacking straps have a myriad of uses.

The gold standard of reliable straps are voile straps, but there are other brands out there: Restrap Fast Straps, Salsa EXP Series Rubber Straps, Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc TPU Straps, and more. Why not combine a few of different lengths and colours to gift your loved one? Or maybe they have a strict colour theme, and they’d appreciate a matching set.

These bikepacking gifts will be sure to treat your favourite off-road rider, whether a friend, a teacher or even your grandma. Treat them to a small gift or buy the whole lot. Then hopefully, the great gift will encourage them to invite you out on all their rides – a win, win!