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Last Chance to Go to Madrid and Race in La Vuelta Virtual!

By Monica Buck

It is your last chance to join qualified Rouviers and selected ambassadors to ride the Grand Final of La Vuelta Virtual on the 11th of September, right at the finish of La Vuelta! Don’t be one of the hundreds of riders to ride it online. Join the La Vuelta Warm Up and become one of the lucky few to go to Madrid!

The first of the last of the Warm Ups will take place on August 5th. We‘ll begin in Luz Saint Sauveur, a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in the Occitania region of south-western France. A series of twists and turns through peaceful greenery, alpine forests and small farms snakes up a slope that averages 7%, which becomes more rugged near the summit of this iconic and spectacular climb. When reaching the final km, it becomes much gentler before a last hairpin turn on the right and arriving at the ski resort summit in Luz Ardiden.

On Saturday we’ll set off from Arcos de las Salinas, northwest of Valencia. The spectacular surrounding landscape and mountainside are entirely unspoiled and become more rugged and lunar-like as you snake your way up under deep blue and hot sunny skies. Give it everything on the final windswept slopes, where you will see the Javalambre Astrophysical Observatory landmark at the summit.

The very last of the warm ups will begin in the historic village of Guadalupe, home to a UNESCO World Heritage-listed monastery. The course finishes at a military base at the top of the mountain and offers some incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Its remote location remains relatively unknown, but it is one of the better cycling ascents in this part of Spain.

The Grand Final is a hybrid race that marks the last stage of the La Vuelta Virtual 2022 on September 11 – on the same day and at the same place where the best cyclists in the world will battle for the overall winner of the 77th edition of La Vuelta in Madrid.

Claim your spot on the Grand Final in Madrid now!