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Race Virtual with Rouvy and the Eschborn-Frankfurt E-Challenge

By We Love Cycling

After the ŠKODA Velotour E-Race spearheaded the way for digitalization of large-scale and high-profile cycling events, another race has taken to a cycling platform for indoor riding. As all of the Grand Tours and other significant events of this season, the Eschborn-Frankfurt race suffered organizational complications in 2020. But you can still take a part in it – right now, on Rouvy! The race runs from 7th to 31st December.

Eschborn-Frankfurt is a German cycling event with lots of prestige and national-wide attention. Originally, it takes place in May and was rescheduled to autumn this year but even that proved to be impossible due to – you guessed it – the ongoing pandemic.


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the race or you’ve just heard about it, don’t fret! As we mentioned above, the whole event is moving virtual and is currently underway as Eschborn-Frankfurt E-Challenge. Rouvy partnered with GFR, the main organizer of the race, and continues to digitalize all the best pieces of this UCI road race. The released road courses on Rouvy are the shorter version of the original racecourse (187.5 km) and consist of three independent segments.

First is the “ŠKODA Velotour Skyline” of 40,5km including the challenges of Tissot Mountain King|Mountain Queen and the special classification named “Beat Cima”. The stage winner of the Giro d’Italia, Damiano Cima, set the fastest time of 55 minutes 3 seconds on the virtual 40-kilometre route. If you manage to beat him, Gazprom Germania, the main sponsor, is giving away a “superfan package” for the fastest rider, including a professional jersey set, free start at the ŠKODA Velotour race scheduled on 1st May 2021, and access to the Velotour’s VIP area and a Meet & Greet.

Damiano Cima
Will you try to beat Damiano Cima?  © Profimedia

Then we have the famous Feldberg Climb with 11,4 km in total. The fastest climber on the Feldberg route will get a jersey and a high-quality watch by Tissot. And last but not least, it wouldn’t be Eschborn-Frankfurt E-Challenge without the legendary Mammolshainer Stich climb of 5,8 km – the icon of the German Taunus mountain range offers no less than 23% of incline.

If you’re new to Rouvy racing, here’s how it works: the athletes ride as animated 3D avatars in realistic route videos and the Eschborn-Frankfurt E-Challenge routes will have a 1:1 branding of start and finish gates, as well as other real-life objects. What’s even better, Rouvy offers a 14-day free trial when you’re a newly registered user so head over to this website for more information and your free trial code.