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The 2018 Trend from Germany: Smaller-Battery E-Bikes Available for Shorter Rides

By Adam Marsal

We have good news for all the e-bike lovers that are bit on the shorter side: electric mountain bikes are becoming remarkably more compact in 2018 thanks to slimmer batteries. Even the cyclists with smaller build, oftentimes women, may now benefit from the progress made in battery manufacturing industry.

For example, the leading e-bike production company, Haibike from Germany, introduced their brand new Sduro Fulllife 6.0 Ladies with the extra small size frame that still accommodates both the tiny accumulator and full suspension for the retail price of 3,399 EUR.

The Uproc 2 6.30 made by another German company named Flyer features a surprisingly low frame that enables even the petite rider to saddle up effortlessly, which contributes to the overall better handling. You can have it now for slightly under 3,900 EUR.

The battery completely integrated into the low frame tube has been recently seen on the Haibike Xduro Allmtn 7.0 coming for 4,499 EUR with 150mm suspension and enormous disc brake rotors that would delight primarily technically skilled riders and freeriders.

According to experts, e-bikes are again setting trends in the industry as there is a great demand for lighter and smaller bikes with more performance. Those bicycle companies aiming to attract new customers are already offering relatively reasonably priced bikes equipped with full suspension and disc brakes. The sale numbers show that e-bikes are becoming far more popular among recreational cyclists who prefer to enjoy longer rides without getting exhausted when they meet some climbs.