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It’s Getting Harder and Harder for Sagan to Win and Other Important News from the World of Cycling

By Monica Buck

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So, what did you miss?

Peter Sagan kept under close watch

It’s getting increasingly harder for the famous Slovak to win races. Everybody seems to be keeping an eye on him while other riders simply get away. The world champ himself felt an urge to ventilate a bit of frustration about the current situation after the Tour of Flanders.

“It’s hard to race in my position in the group,” Sagan said. “Also, if the other riders don’t wake up, it’s going to be like this. It’s not just me that they need to beat. We are in 200. In that respect, the other teams were mistaken, I believe. Like this, Quick-Step will go and win all the races.”

Bora-Hansgrohe coach and sports director Patxi Vila talked about the same issue to velonews.com.

“He’s equal [in fitness to the last two seasons] I would say, perhaps even better this year. But year by year, it’s harder for him to win. It’s harder to win with three world titles than with two, or with two than one. He’s building up a nice palmarès. He’s probably the rider of his generation, but that means everything is hard for him. Don’t ask why, but he’s the reference in the race. That’s how it is. When he’s racing, he’s a reference point.”

Do you think Sagan’s dominance will continue? Or will he slowly succumb to the immense pressure? Let us know in the comments!

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