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Best Padded Cycling Underwear for Women

By Bonnie Friend

Who says padded cycling underwear can’t be glamorous? Ok, it might not be Kate Middleton chic, but whether you’re more about boy shorts or ultra-feminine, here’s the best padded cycling underwear for women, whatever your style…

Club Ride Apparel: Jewel

The Jewel pedal-proof pantie from Club Ride Apparel is developed specifically to accommodate the small bumps and vibration you get from light or short times in the saddle up to 1 hour. The 3mm foam pad is 3D moulded to fit the athletic panty perfectly. The minimal chamois pad accommodates constant motion, high heat, moisture transfer and prevents chafing without being uncomfortable or overly noticeable while off the saddle.

Giro: Boy Undershort

Once upon a time there were the boyfriend jeans, now meet the Boy Undershort. Made with soft merino wool and slim Tri-Chamois pad, they’re great for rides under an hour. They’re more relaxed, with a loose fit, and have a non-binding waistband for added comfort. They’re great for wearing under skirts and baggy shorts.

Craft: Greatness Bike Hipster

Ideal for leisure rides and commuting, the Greatness Bike Hipster from Craft are slim, lightweight briefs with ergonomic fit, excellent moisture transport and C6 Pad. They’re lightweight, made of micro polyester and effectively pull perspiration vapour off the body to keep you cool. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design provides a perfect riding-position fit.

Velo Vixen: Assos H.Laalalai_S7 Shorts

For longer journeys and more adventurous cyclists, Velo Vixen’s Assos H.Laalalai_S7 Shorts use the best materials and the smartest female-specific design to ensure these padded cycling shorts rise to the occasion on the toughest rides.

Urbanist Cycling: The Brigitte

With a certain 1950s style The Brigitte is a standard coverage panty with Urbanist Cycling’s custom-designed, extra thick flexible chamois pad for added style and comfort during a longer ride. The panties are versatile and can be worn under your clothes. Combine this with breathable, quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric and you are set for your next ride in freedom and style.

Endura: Engineered Padded Knicker

Offering a tight, flattering boxer short fit at a convenient price, Endura’s Engineered Padded Knicker has a super slender antibacterial pad which feels and looks unnoticeable. Ideal for wearing under skirts and other everyday clothing, they are made from a fast-wicking fabric and stand out for their seamless design.