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  • e-bikepacking-a-new-approach-to-wilderness

    E-Bikepacking: A New Approach to Wilderness

    From time to time, I sometimes feel suffocated with digital rubbish up to the point when I can’t breathe anymore. At that moment, I power down all electronic devices, lock them into the desk, hang the bags on my bike and get out where I…

  • indulge-your-e-bike-with-special-winter-care

    Indulge Your E-Bike with Special Winter Care

    With cold weather and shortening daylight, many riders quit cycling and change their bike for another means of transport. If you follow several basic rules, though, you can enjoy riding an e-bike throughout the whole winter. We asked keen e-biker Richard Gasperotti to share his…

  • how-to-transport-an-e-bike-with-caution

    How to Transport an E-Bike with Caution?

    Regarding the latest improvements, it’s not easy to distinguish a modern e-bike from a traditional one. A few differences have remained, though. The remarkably higher weight, laws regarding battery handling, and vulnerability of particular electronic parts are the three most important aspects to consider when…

  • 4-reasons-you-too-should-be-happy-e-bikes-exist

    4 Reasons You Too Should Be Happy E-Bikes Exist

    Do you know that feeling when you’re pushing hard on your new carbon-frame road bike and an older overweight guy in basketball shorts whizzes past you on an electric mountain bike like it’s nothing? That guy is not a cyclist! He doesn’t appreciate how hard…

  • the-real-benefits-of-e-bikes

    The Real Benefits of E-Bikes

    There are important reasons why electric vehicles (or EVs) are superior to the traditional, gas-powered kind and why, about two decades from now, almost all cars on the world’s roads will be EVs. They don’t pollute the air we breathe, they don’t make noise and…

  • e-bikes-outselling-standard-bikes-in-netherlands

    E-Bikes Outselling Standard Bikes in Netherlands

    There are 22.5m bicycles in the country of 17m people, and the number keeps rising. However, there’s a bitter twist to it for the old-school cyclist. Standard push-bikes might soon be a rarity. E-bikes now officially outsell them, despite the spiralling prices.