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  • 4-reasons-you-too-should-be-happy-e-bikes-exist

    4 Reasons You Too Should Be Happy E-Bikes Exist

    Do you know that feeling when you’re pushing hard on your new carbon-frame road bike and an older overweight guy in basketball shorts whizzes past you on an electric mountain bike like it’s nothing? That guy is not a cyclist! He doesn’t appreciate how hard…

  • the-real-benefits-of-e-bikes

    The Real Benefits of E-Bikes

    There are important reasons why electric vehicles (or EVs) are superior to the traditional, gas-powered kind and why, about two decades from now, almost all cars on the world’s roads will be EVs. They don’t pollute the air we breathe, they don’t make noise and…

  • e-bikes-outselling-standard-bikes-in-netherlands

    E-Bikes Outselling Standard Bikes in Netherlands

    There are 22.5m bicycles in the country of 17m people, and the number keeps rising. However, there’s a bitter twist to it for the old-school cyclist. Standard push-bikes might soon be a rarity. E-bikes now officially outsell them, despite the spiralling prices.

  • e-bikes-are-overtaking-cities-is-it-an-urban-transportation-revolution

    E-Bikes Are Overtaking Cities: Is It an Urban Transportation Revolution?

    They’re agile, fairly inexpensive, and might improve your overall health and mobility. We’re talking about electrified bicycles, which are becoming a widespread trend lately. The conscious consumer and urbanite might already know that our dependence on cars isn’t exactly sustainable regarding the future. The increasingly…

  • mtb-vs-e-mtb-really-difference

    MTB vs. e-MTB: What Is Really the Difference?

    This matter will be discussed over and over for long time to come. As e-bikes are still a novelty to lots of us, it’s only natural that we kind of distrust them. If you are a fan of e-bikes and ride them yourself, here are…

  • interview-kind-people-e-bikers-really

    Interview: What Kind of People E-Bikers Really Are?

    Do you consider e-bikers to be lazy fellows? Are you entitled to think that the guys who are overtaking you almost effortlessly are giving out way less energy than you are? We simply made an interview with an average e-MTB user. He’s not your average…