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14 Reasons to Join a Cycling Club

By Adam Marsal

Do you cycle alone? You’ve persuaded yourself many times that riding in a cycling club is not your thing. We’ll give you 14 reasons why you should join one.

1. With a bunch of other people, it’s easier to cover loads of kilometres you’ll be able to boast about on Strava, as if you did them all by yourself.

2. Finally, you’ll have someone who’ll appreciate your brand new, super expensive bike.

3. You and your club mates can convince each other that what you do is completely normal.

4. You won’t make a single cent on your rides, but you’ll still feel like a pro… almost.

5. Your cycling club membership will be a great topic you can use to bore people at parties, at work…

6. It’s a good excuse to avoid the Sunday lunch with your mother-in-law: “Oh, I’ve told you we have this club ride, haven’t I?”

7. In a group of uniformly dressed people, you won’t feel so desperately awkward in Lycra.

8. This attitude won’t boost your popularity, but there will always be an eager beaver who’s carrying a spare tube, a pump, some tools, a few patches, an energy bar – which comes in handy because, as always, you have none of these things.

9. Collecting your teeth with a broken hand, you’ll appreciate that your friends are giving first aid to you and calling an ambulance after your nasty crash.

10. Partying at night, you’ll have an excuse not to get blotto like all your friends – you’ve planned an early ride for the morning!

11. Your club mates won’t be shocked when you order six espressos in one day – they all do that.

12. It’s a good way to stay down-to-earth – there will always be someone who can climb that hill much faster than you.

13. You’ll hang out with people who’ll persuade you that even though it’s been raining cats and dogs 24/7 for the last two days, it’s totally fine to go for a ride.

14. It will be easier to justify all the evenings you spend planning the December trip to Mallorca – after all, you’re not doing this for yourself, and all your mates are going there, so why wouldn’t you?