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  • skoda-karoq-velo-every-cyclists-wildest-dream

    Škoda KAROQ Velo: Every Cyclist’s Wildest Dream?

    When 1,500 cyclists get together in a survey designed to produce the perfect car to go along with the cycling lifestyle, you can bet your bibs the result is going to be pretty specific. As a long-term supporter and sponsor of multiple cycling events and…

  • the-cars-of-tour-de-france

    The Cars of Tour de France

    An event of such size and intensity such as the mother of all bicycle races, the Tour de France, needs steady partners to rely on. Starting with organizers, managers, teams, through to individual cyclists – all these need agile support hubs and troubleshooting solutions. And…

  • meet-skoda-bike-made-entirely-wood

    Meet the Škoda Bike Made Entirely of Wood

    As you may know, Škoda has an affinity to the cycling community, which manifests itself not only in their support of events like the Tour de France but also in the construction of their own bikes. Not long ago, the guys from the Czech automotive…

  • have-you-even-wondered-why-we-ride

    Have You Even Wondered: Why We Ride?

    Besides bringing the freshest, diverse tips and news on cycling from all over the globe, we focus on helping people from all walks of life to improve their biking skills, routines, gear, nutrition, and to ultimately help introduce bicycles to those plucking up the courage.…

  • skoda-karoq-the-perfect-suv-for-cycling-ladies

    Škoda KAROQ: The Perfect SUV for Cycling Ladies

    If you’re into cycling (and why else would you be here, reading this), you’ve probably taken your bike on a nice trip outside the city limits. To make things easier and get further, you can hitch a ride with various means of transport but the…

  • catching-breath-photo-diary

    Catching Breath: The Photo Diary

    Our amazing Himalayan adventure is over but the memories will linger on long after all the mountain dust has been washed off both us and the riders. You could follow The Catching Breath project for months while we slowly revealed the pieces all the way…