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Škoda KAROQ: The Perfect SUV for Cycling Ladies

By WeLoveCycling

If you’re into cycling (and why else would you be here, reading this), you’ve probably taken your bike on a nice trip outside the city limits. To make things easier and get further, you can hitch a ride with various means of transport but the most comfortable one is the car, no doubt. That is, unless to have to heave your hefty mountain bike on a tricky roof rack or in the boot that’s sometimes not in a really convenient height. This isn’t a nuisance reserved exclusively to ladies, nobody likes to wrestle a bulky Cannondale or an all-steel stylish urban step-through higher than necessary, but as women tend to be generally smaller in height, some adjustments come in handy.

Heading out of town on your own? Škoda KAROQ and its additional convenient and fool-proof cycling accessories will help you cut the time spent managing the transport of your bike down to a minimum.

1) Roof rack/boot rack video

If you can carry your bike up the stairs, you can hitch it up on the carrier. But what if you’re afraid of it falling on your noggin’ while you’re tying it down? With these easy-to-use but sturdy racks, you’ll always work smarter not harder and without the need for a helping hand.


2) Protective mat/space

You’ve just finished your off-road ride and you feel amazing. But getting that two-wheeled darling in the boot without the car getting all muddy seems like a pain in the neck. But not when you have enough space and a protective mat and bike bag. The VarioFlex seat positioning system allows you to adjust the three separated backseats individually – either move them sideways by up to 50 mm, fold the backrests or remove them completely. This way, your bike and all the cycling accessories can ride in maximum comfort.


3) Ride tested

You’re all comfortably set and ready but still not sure which way is the best and most scenic? KAROQ’s infotainment system contains built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and a wireless phone charger. You can connect your phone to load the perfect route you found on Ride Tested, Škoda’s own app, onto your dashboard screen while still able to play music and take calls. Disembark on the trail’s starting point, take the bike and the rest is up to you.


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