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Have You Even Wondered: Why We Ride?

By WeLoveCycling

Besides bringing the freshest, diverse tips and news on cycling from all over the globe, we focus on helping people from all walks of life to improve their biking skills, routines, gear, nutrition, and to ultimately help introduce bicycles to those plucking up the courage. Constantly, we kept coming across the fact that women (regardless of fitness, nationality, and creed) are one of the most underrepresented groups in cycling.

Throughout the magazine’s existence, we’ve been bringing you articles and observations on what specific challenges and obstacles are women facing during a simple everyday commute or even while being a part of the sport’s pro scene. This year, we’re focusing our attention on breaking those barriers down. We believe that given the right motivation and information, anybody can find their reason to ride. The key is to accommodate specific needs and issues that might arise from not knowing all your options and if there’s one thing we hate, it’s to see amazing opportunities go to waste.

We believe that by dispelling the common myths and by creating a welcoming environment and support base, cycling can be truly empowering. Thanks to Škoda AUTO’s deep passion for cycling, we were able to start paving the way further in a different direction. As a cyclist, you might have encountered trams, trains, buses or other means of transport not always being so user-friendly towards transporting your bike alongside you. As we said, we believe in bringing down barriers and to do so you need to start with things that are close to you and that you use on a daily basis. Such as cars. Multiple Škoda car models are adjusted to cyclists either by equipment or dimensions, which not only women might find attractive.

Why we ride then? Because the opportunity arises. Because it changes our lives and makes us happy. Because someone believes in us and helps us achieve our goals. Because it just rained. Because we need that daily adrenaline fix. Because we’re free to do whatever we please. Because cycling is pure love.

That’s what the mint new Why We Ride? campaign is all about. No patronizing. No made-up competing. No pink-it-and-shrink-it attitude. Just pure passion for riding your bicycle, no matter where are you coming from.

Featuring: Majka MicherdaOrla WalshIsabelle Beckers

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