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  • video-making-lock-challenge-2017-barcelona

    VIDEO: Making Of Lock Challenge 2017 Barcelona

    Want to see how the thief, trying to steal a bike in broad daylight, got caught on tape? If you haven’t seen our Barcelona Lock Challenge, you can check it out here. Today, we want to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes so…

  • story-time-scary-funny-bike-theft-stories-internet

    Story Time: Scary and Funny Bike Theft Stories of the Internet

    Do you remember European Bike Stealing Championships 2015? The glorious moment when the thieves fell for our beautiful Specialized bait bike and we got their faces taped from all angles in 4K resolution? That was fun and satisfactory for all involved – save the thief.…

  • video-lock-challenge-2017-barcelona-bike-really-safe

    VIDEO: Lock Challenge 2017 Barcelona. Is your bike really safe?

    Let’s face it, bike theft is an epidemic. Every single day, hundreds of bikes go missing, leaving their rightful owners distraught, unnerved, and unable to get around. After our infamous experiment from 2 years ago called European Bike Stealing Championships it’s time to get to…

  • security-game-signature-locks-abus

    Up Your Security Game – Signature Locks by ABUS

    In the wake of Lock Challenge Barcelona 2017, we took a security expert aside and asked which types of their locks he would trust with resisting every thieving attempt. Below you’ll find three most reliable, sturdy, and popular models by ABUS liable to deter any…

  • is-it-right-to-shame-bike-thieves-online

    Is It Right to Shame Bike Thieves Online?

    So what do you do if you have a 10-minute film starring your bike and the thief, and a police force without the means to view it? Posting the video of the theft on social media has become commonplace. But is it morally correct and,…

  • 9-videos-of-bike-thefts-gone-horribly-wrong

    10 Videos of Bike Thefts Gone Horribly Wrong

    Bike theft is something that has most likely either happened to us personally or to someone we know. The anger, frustration and inconvenience is something we all understand. Aside from imagining revenge scenarios or locating our stolen bikes online if they are being resold that…