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Up Your Security Game – Signature Locks by ABUS

By WeLoveCycling

In the wake of Lock Challenge Barcelona 2017, we took a security expert aside and asked which types of their locks he would trust with resisting every thieving attempt. Below you’ll find three most reliable, sturdy, and popular models by ABUS liable to deter any criminal just by the look of them. Because investing in proper lock and other security measures is certainly more effective and comfortable than walking around the neighbourhood stapling “Stolen Bicycle” posters. 

“95 % of thieves are using entry-level tools. They are opportunist thieves, they are cash-convertors,” says Axel R. From ABUS KG – German Lock Manufacturer since 1924, but let’s get prepared for those who did the homework.

According to website description, Granit X PLUS 540 is the “flagship bicycle U-Lock from ABUS”. It’s durable against both pulling and hitting attacks thanks to the patented Power Cell technology and offers top-class corrosion resistance, so you can count on your grandkids inheriting it when old enough.

Granit X PLUS 540 features a patented temper hardened steel square parabolic shackle and a double bolting shackle/lock body. Its X Plus Cylinder comes from the most state-of-the-art generation of cylinders to this date and offers extremely high protection against picking.

ABUS research states that the police and insurance companies recommend the use of a U-lock as the preferred type. It can be used to lock up the frame to a solid object along with the real wheel, which statistically is the most effective way against theft. Also, the automatic keyhole cover prevents the dirt from getting into the locking mechanism. 

The only disadvantage of U-Locks might be flexibility. While they’re hard to saw through you might have a problem finding an object of suitable height and width to which you can shackle you bike with it. Granit X PLUS Bordo 6500 works just like a folding meter, except it’s made of tempered hardened steel.

This lock again features the X Plus Cylinder, which makes life hell for any lock pick. The individual links are encased in an extra soft coating so you don’t have to worry about your new paintjob being battered. Also, although Granit X Plus behaves like a chain it certainly won’t give you the rattle treatment. In folded state, it can be carried in a silicone-padded case attached to your bike, so you won’t even know it’s there.

ABUS boast that this baby is “the most high-tech, high-security chain lock that we make” and we have no reason to be sceptical about that statement. German engineering being a legendary trademark, this lock is maybe literally the best one money can buy as of today. Again, featuring the patented Power Cell Technology that can resist sawing, clipping, burning, breaking, snipping in two, and probably being run over with a tank, this lock is designated for “high risk” areas. All the links are hidden in a neat fabric casing and despite it imposing features it’s surprisingly light. Currently, it’s something of a champion of the ABUS stables.

Every lock above has a special feature called Keyed Alike. Upon special request, the locks are manufactured in such a way that allows you to use two or more types of locks on one bike without the need for multiple respective keys. So you can add that extra security without your keychain looking like you’re a prison warden.

On top of having the most sophisticated locking cylinders market has to offer, a code card comes with every lock purchase and ordering additional or replacement keys can’t be done without it, therefore you don’t have to worry about someone discreetly replicating your key and getting away with a family-worth collection of bicycles.

Another chapter is securing the individual bicycle parts. Your frame might be all chained and locked up like Fort Knox but if somebody alleviates you off your designer saddle or custom wheels it’s more than just a nuisance – the bike becomes an unusable skeleton. ABUS offers a solution even to this problem. It’s a nut equivalent gadget called NutFix, with which you just simply replace your quick-release axle or seat clamp, not giving the thieves a single shot. Not only it’s installation and usage is criminally easy but it also comes in multiple colours, for the style-crazed urban cycling fashionista out there.  Check out this beautifully made video with a kickass soundtrack explaining how does NutFix works.