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Story Time: Scary and Funny Bike Theft Stories of the Internet

By Frantiska Blazkova

Do you remember European Bike Stealing Championships 2015? The glorious moment when the thieves fell for our beautiful Specialized bait bike and we got their faces taped from all angles in 4K resolution? That was fun and satisfactory for all involved – save the thief. But in real life, it’s exactly the opposite way. You’re lucky to get some shabby footage from surveillance cameras or, as in majority of cases, you get no evidence at all. You’re left with empty spot and sometimes not even the sawed-through lock where your bike used to be.

With bike theft being on the rise, Bike Stealing Championships certainly resonated with many people. Both the project and the video generated some interesting stories in Facebook and YouTube comment sections and we’ve also searched the web for people’s first-hand experience. Enjoy the compilation below.

A keen observation.
Wait, what did we just read? But we got to hand it to the guy – he has a compassionate outlook on life.
When the police are a bit too eager.
Theft in Venice, anyone? (Sorry.)
Rare sight – a repenting bicycle thief
What a luck!
And the best for the last – one slightly tongue-in-cheek solution against bicycle thieves.