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VIDEO: Trail Hunter Rides Patagonia

By Františka Blažková

This daring explorer on a road bike, fittingly named Matt Hunter, embarked on a journey for a perfect trail, hidden in untamed woods and ribboning between volcano ridges and fields of solidified lava.

Despite the sometimes hostile weather conditions, the Specialized Bikes crew managed to bring back a jaw-dropping footage and the edit fitted with a great soundtrack will simply leave you craving to board a plane to Patagonia this instant.

There’s a lot in store – surreal hilly landscape stretching for miles, custom-made for a solitary wanderer or a small team of adventurers, preserved and untouched forest groves, or stunning lake views. We’ve found ourselves holding our breath when some of the crew members leaned into a corner a little too fast, or missed a tree or a sticking out root a little too close. All in all, this is certainly some eye candy.