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  • a-sad-farewell-to-machines-for-freedom

    A Sad Farewell to Machines for Freedom

    We got some unfortunate news when we learned that Specialized had decided to close its inclusive women’s cycle clothing brand, Machines for Freedom. This is after MfF spent a decade pushing for accessibility and inclusivity in our beloved sport, offering high-performance cycling gear for all…

  • peter-sagan-joins-team-totalenergies

    Peter Sagan Joins Team TotalEnergies

    The French second division team announced with “immense pride” that they have signed the three-time world champion as they continue to build their squad to get to the UCI WorldTour. Along with Sagan, riders Maciej Bodnar and Daniel Oss will also join TotalEnergies from Bora-Hansgrohe.…

  • the-best-bikepacking-shoes-for-2021

    The Best Bikepacking Shoes for 2021

    Choosing shoes for bikepacking and cycling, in general, is not an easy task. There are many factors to take into consideration. Clipless of flat. Waterproof or light and breathable. Stiff or soft. Wide or narrow. It can be very expensive research by trial and error…

  • the-best-mountain-bikes-under-and-around-500-euro

    The Best Mountain Bikes Under and Around 500 Euro

    For the last 11 years, I have been running a bike-tour agency that has grown to have nearly 100 bikes. Some of them are road bikes, some hybrids, city bikes are not missing and of course, we have many mountain bikes. I’ve always focused on…

  • top-womens-bike-saddles

    Top Women’s Bike Saddles

    Ah, the love-hate relationship we have with our saddles. Especially when starting out, the saddle can be one of the biggest sources of discomfort and is what turns a lot of people off of cycling long distances (or cycling altogether!). For women in particular, the…

  • video-trail-hunter-rides-patagonia

    VIDEO: Trail Hunter Rides Patagonia

    This daring explorer on a road bike, fittingly named Matt Hunter, embarked on a journey for a perfect trail, hidden in untamed woods and ribboning between volcano ridges and fields of solidified lava.

  • turn-bike-adventure-machine

    How to Turn Your Bike into an Adventure Machine

    Bikepacking is an outdoor adventure that starts where bike touring stops: at the end of paved roads. With different packs, you can quickly store everything you might need all over the whole bicycle in a way that will be compact and absolutely watertight. Longer distances?…