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  • top-5-best-places-to-ride-your-mtb-in-winter

    Top 5 Best Places to Ride your MTB in Winter

    If the terrible weather outside is bringing you down, it’s high time to start looking for one truly special vacation with your loved one. No, not your partner. Your bike. If your significant other is in, even better.

  • 8-best-gifts-for-mtb-riders

    8 Best Gifts for MTB Riders

    This article is for those on the receiving end of our Christmas list. Those who have a hard time figuring out what to buy their MTB-loving friend, significant other or relative. While not all gifts must be related to cycling, I know it’s hard to…

  • 5-worst-ways-to-end-your-mtb-ride-abruptly

    5 Worst Ways to End Your MTB Ride Abruptly

    If you are half as hyped as I am, whenever there is a big MTB weekend coming up, you know the disappointment when you ultimately end up ruining your entire experience because of negligence. Yes, those rides may get ruined due to countless reasons. Still,…

  • how-to-handle-rock-gardens-with-grace

    How to Handle Rock Gardens with Grace

    Professional rider Richard Gasperotti helped junior riders from the Czech national cup to hone their technical skills. Most riders feared the rock-garden sections of some of the UCI XC tracks. Richard explains how to get over the troublesome rocks without fear or pain.

  • the-5-types-of-mountain-bikers-you-meet-on-your-ride

    The 5 Types of Mountain Bikers You Meet on Your Ride

    Can you think of a better way to spend your summer weekends than going down a mountain at speeds that would make an athletic cheetah look like an overweight sloth? The fresh air, the thrill, the coolness of the forests, and the general serenity all…

  • what-stories-does-an-mtb-guides-backpack-reveal

    What Stories Does an MTB Guide’s Backpack Reveal?

    A professional guide never thinks only of themselves. Whether it’s a brown bear attack, an open femur fracture, an unexpected storm on the mountain top or stitching a chin three days away from the nearest doctor, a mountain guide must be prepared to face any…