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Top 10 Worst Cycle Lanes in Poland 

By WeLoveCycling

Not long ago, we staked out a bold new goal for We Love Cycling magazine: to collect as many of the worst cycle lanes across the globe as we could and gather them in the biggest gallery of its kind. And thus, the Worst Cycle Lane in the World Gallery was born! It’s been driven purely by user submissions. Here’s our selection of the ‘best’ entries from Poland!

The last two years saw an unsurprising boom in bicycle sales and usage all over the world and Poland has been no different. This increase often goes hand in hand with demands for infrastructure changes. In 2020, the National Road Fund pledged whooping 541.3 million euros towards the Safe Road Infrastructure Programme for 2021-2024 to improve the state of road and cycling networks across Poland. Furthermore, the Polish capital, Warsaw, now boasts about 530 km of bike lanes and more than 250 bicycle parking facilities after decades of lobbying and local incentives. Hopefully, these investments and urban planning projects will make short work of the nightmare scenarios you can browse in the gallery below.

1. What a nice ride

Polish cycle lane

2. Now that’s confusing

Poznan cycle lane

3. Busy lane

Poland cycle lane

4. Better safe than sorry

Trzebnica cycle lane

5. Lumpy

Łódź cycle lane

6. Crooked lane


7. A little roundabout

Augustow cycle lane

8. You shall not pass

Kolsko cycle lane

9. Cute

Cycle lane Warsaw

10. And we’re done here

Warsaw cycle lane