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  • 6-ways-you-can-learn-to-love-your-autumn-commute

    6 Ways You Can Learn to Love Your Autumn Commute

    When you envision a cycle commute, your mind will conjure images of bustling cycle lanes through bright city centres. The roads are dry, the air is warm, and the puddles are sparse. It’s easy to see why so many people might make this a regular…

  • the-role-of-big-data-in-shaping-bicycle-friendly-cities

    The Role of Big Data in Shaping Bicycle-Friendly Cities

    In an increasingly urbanized world, the challenge of creating sustainable, efficient, and livable cities has become paramount. Among the various strategies being adopted, enhancing urban mobility through the promotion of cycling has emerged as a popular choice. This surge in the interest of fostering bicycle-friendly…

  • the-future-looks-rosy-for-urban-cyclists

    The Future Looks Rosy for Urban Cyclists

    Today is the first day of your cycling future, and that future is exciting. I don’t have a crystal ball but I am certain that cycling in cities will be very different and much more fun in 2030 than it is today. The reason is…

  • is-urban-downhill-the-new-thrill-youve-been-looking-for

    Is Urban Downhill the New Thrill You’ve Been Looking For?

    While mountains around the world can undoubtedly provide enough excitement to last you a lifetime, they are not always as close as they seem. On this note, you can’t just grab your bike and go for a quick ride. That’s where Urban Downhill comes into…

  • cycle-paths-of-the-future

    Cycle Paths of the Future

    The number of daily bike commuters is growing in most European cities and people keep wondering if politicians could do more for cyclists’ safety. Since space in big cities is limited, urban designers are thinking about new forms of cycle paths that could use the…

  • bike-boxes-can-make-urban-intersections-safer-for-cyclists

    Bike Boxes Can Make Urban Intersections Safer for Cyclists

    If you approach an intersection and see a painted-off area with a bicycle sign inside, you’re coming upon a “bike box” meant to keep cyclists safe. A recent study by the Oregon State University College of Engineering tested how well it works compared to other…