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Top 10 Worst Cycle Lanes in Spain

By WeLoveCycling

Not long ago, we staked out a bold new goal for We Love Cycling magazine: to collect as many of the worst cycle lanes across the globe as we could and gather them in the biggest gallery of its kind. And thus, the Worst Cycle Lane in the World Gallery was born! It’s been driven purely by user submissions. Here’s our selection of the ‘best’ entries from Spain!

The past two years spent in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic seem to have acted as a catalyst for various cycling-related improvements. The Spanish capital is now reaping the benefits of a novelty system of transportation planning called ‘The Madrid Model’ that has been implemented since 2013. Also, in the summer of 2021, the Spanish government has approved the first ever national cycling strategy with an allotted budget of five million euros, dedicated solely to improving cycling infrastructure. We hope at least some of the best submissions in the gallery will benefit from these initiatives.

1. Bumpy lane

Spain cycle lane

2. Pretty

Valencia cycle lane

3. Now what?

Pamplona cycle lane

And that’s a wrap

Logroño cycle lane

Please, park here

Bilbao cycle lane


Orihuela cycle lane