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Top 5 Worst Cycle Lanes in Germany

By WeLoveCycling

Not long ago, we staked out a bold new goal for We Love Cycling magazine: to collect as many of the worst cycle lanes across the globe as we could and gather them in the biggest gallery of its kind. And thus, the Worst Cycle Lane in the World Gallery was born! It’s been driven purely by user submissions. Here’s our selection of the ‘best’ entries from Germany!

In October, we published a rundown of planned incentives Germany aims to implement before 2030 to encourage as many people as possible to saddle up. Many of these activities have been, understandably, triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on our daily (not only transportation) habits. For example, Germany’s National Cycling Plan 3.0 aims to battle the climate crisis with a set of political and economic instruments that hope to help double the number of regular cyclists from now until 2030, as cycling has one of the lowest environmental impacts among transportation modes. Germany is ahead of the game but there’s still room for improvement, based on the pictures below.

1. Wavy

Bayern cycle lane

2. Why not

Stairs cycle lane

3. Who doesn’t like bumpy

Cycle lane

4. Off-road adventure

Damaged cycle path

5. Not so sure about this Cycle lane Herten