The Eurobike trade show belongs to the greatest of its kind in the world. Every year, an expert jury announces awards for the best innovations in the industry. From over 400 submitted entries, the prizes went to the products or services that push the entire cycling world forward. Below, you can find the gadgets and ideas that made the biggest impression.


FOX Live Valve by FOX Factory

Smart and effective – that’s the new system that reads terrain while riding, making fast setting changes in suspension. It quickly adapts to the surface conditions and has been put through the toughest of tests. The solution is said to be very safe, enabling the rider to focus on the trail and enjoy more fun.

Clinq Shift: R Road für Pinion by Tout Terrain

The Cinq shifter is the first product to integrate a road bike shifter-brake lever with the German revolutionary care-free Pinion gearboxes and the hydraulic TRP disc brake so it can be easily accessed from the drop bars, making it the perfect choice even for the gravel bike segment. The open positioning of the cables on the levers simplifies the maintenance. For those who haven’t met Pinion yet, the system looks like that of a single-speed bike as all gears are hidden in a neat gearbox placed by the bottom bracket.

Bike Box by the company Bike Box

Travelling by your bike has its advantages but sometimes, it’s very logistically demanding. The economical Bike Box should be up to four times cheaper than the average solutions on the market. It’s easy to store and can be used for both MTB and road bikes.

I LOCK IT e-bike by haveltec

It can only hardly be easier as this bike lock is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and simply locks automatically by getting away from the bike with the phone in your pocket, which is what most commuters do anyway when they do a short break for shopping or whatever. The system remotely unlocks the bike again when you approach your bicycle. The system secures the bike through a lock fitted to the rear wheel, making it a perfect anti-theft device.

QUARTZ by Kervelo

The tough and low-maintenance transmission offers six gears designed mainly for cargo, city and shared bikes. It is simple, durable, cheap, and reliable as it integrates a planetary gearbox and an electric-assist motor in a single unit to add full-time gear shifting.


The jury loved the design, the finish, the attention to detail, integration of the cables, and overall craftsmanship of this Swiss-made bike. Equipped with two autonomous batteries, it can be stripped of one unit to reduce weight for short trips.

Superdelite GT Rohloff HS with GX option by Riese & Müller

This full-suspension tank for daily commuting integrates a motor and a double battery in a frame with front and rear lights. The jury regarded the bike as coming from the luxury end of the cycling world. We’d say that it’s the place where luxury meets obesity but this is just our individual verdict.


A versatile workhorse for everyday use is delivered with a variety of modular accessories that can be fitted to either front or rear racks. It’s a perfect cargo bike to transport anything anywhere.

blubrake by the company blubrake

It’s not the only existing braking system with ABS but it’s also integrated inside the frame, which makes it a promising solution for MTBs, city bikes or cargo bikes.

e-muli STEPS by muli

The coffin-like cargo e-bike impressed the jury by its simple design and smart integration of the Shimano drive. The relatively small and compact bike has been one of the hundreds displayed at the show, representing a growing segment of the industry.

Greyp G 6.2 by Greyp Bikes

The contender for the ugliest bike at first sight is this Croatian e-bike offering more gadgets than the International Space Station. The jury was overwhelmed by its sophisticated engineering, though. The bike has a constant on-board Internet connection, multiple telemetry sensors, integrated front and rear cameras, and a mobile app that works as a dashboard.

MCR 9 RDO by Niner Bikes

This is one of the first full-suspension gravel bikes on the market, combining an advanced MTB technology with handling and agility of a gravel bike.

Cento10 Hybrid by Wilier Triestina

Not only modern technology but also handsome design and brilliant craftsmanship were appraised at the Eurobike show. This bike stole the show because of its paint job as well as the integration of e-bike components.

FUBi fixie by Fubicom Ab Oy

The beautiful and clean design of the classic steel bike is not only impressive because of its simplicity but also because it’s foldable. Lacking a motor and a battery, the human-driven bike at its best is available in three frame sizes.

Coboc SEVEN Kallio by Coboc

Elegant, practical, and minimalistic – that’s the men’s Coboc commuting bike with integrated fenders and lights, offering a comfortable ride in the low-weight category.

Issimo by Fantic

A 630Wh battery promises endless rides and the frame designed by a motorcycle company Frantic offers a low centre of gravity for perfect handling, fat tires for cobblestones as well as a suspension fork for safer and more comfortable city riding.

My Esel E-Tour Diamant by My Esel

Wood as a sustainable material in bike manufacturing has been the key to impress the audience lately. The wooden frame is tailored precisely to the rider’s dimensions using special software.

MAGURA Cockpit Integration by MAGURA

By concealing the tubes inside the bars, the new Magura brakes are made indestructible, showing nothing that could be damaged by a potential crash.

Chat by Van Raam

Comfortable view for the rider, lots of safety features, and good handling make this rickshaw bike exceptional among its rivals. Possibly the vehicle of the green future of Uber?

Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave by fizik


The lightest and most breathable shoe from fizik features a woven fabric that ensures excellent ventilation.

5.10 Trailcross Mid Pro by Adidas

This is a flat pedal shoe designed for biking adventures. A protective quick-drying liner sock keeps the dirt out while the ergonomic design of the sole ensures comfort when walking.

Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire by AirWinder

Inspired by armoured vehicles, this wheel solves the low tyre air pressure instantly. No matter if on the road or the trail, the system self-inflates and regulates the pressure according to the outer conditions.

SRAM FORCE eTap AXS + RockShox Reverb AXS by SRAM

A long-awaited system that has the potential to revolutionise bike design because of the capability to personalise functions to the individual customer. A smoothly functioning and race-proven wireless system, an excellent finish, and seat post-integrated adjustments are a great deal at a reasonable price level.

LIMOTEC Air Suspension Dropper Post by Limotec ltd.

While dropper seat posts have been a significant part of the freerider’s gear, engineers in Limotec designed a solution for daily commuting enabling cyclists to drop the seat when waiting at the traffic lights or for more comfortable dismounting.

Basil Commuter Carrier by Basil B.V.

For a good price, you can get a bike rack including an integrated rear light with an anti-theft GPS device. On top of it, the carrier is variable and can be easily adjusted to the size of the bike’s wheel and the needs of the rider.

Kwick Drumlin Cargo by Kenda


Cargo bikes have their advantages and one of them is the ability to transport heavy weight loads. The tyres have to suit the load and so companies are delivering heavy-duty tyres such as Kwick Drumlin Cargo by Kenda that can carry up to 150 kilograms.

Vredestein Fortezza Flower Power by Apollo Vredestein B.V.


Believe it or not, the rubber used for manufacturing this limited-edition tyre was produced from dandelion extracts. With more products like that, Greta Thunberg would switch from sailing to cycling.

WD-40 Flexible by WD-40 Company

The good old friend of all handymen comes with a new flexible nozzle that is still stiff enough to spray accurately where you need it.

milKit Tubeless Booster V2 by Sports Components


After pre-inflating with an average air pump, you can get a tubeless tyre booster that doubles as a tough water bottle. It’s both practical and environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the need for single-use carbon dioxide cartridges.

Tectal Race SPIN NFC by POC

The helmet from the popular Swedish producer POC includes a special chip containing medical details of the rider that emergency services can read and provide sufficient help in the event of an accident. The technology was tested in mountain rescue operations.

Lumos Matrix Helmet by Lumen Labs

There’s never enough visibility when riding a bike – this is the philosophy of Lumen Labs’ designers who fitted lights right on the front part of the helmet. The light pattern is programmable so you can have fun by creating a light show for the passing cars.

TATZE Integral by TATZE bike-components

TATZE introduced a revolutionary approach represented by incorporating bearings into the crank rather than the pedal itself. The result is extremely lightweight and awesome looking.

Cobber – 330° Bike Light by Knog


There’s something we can call a blind spot when it comes to lights on the bike. Cyclists are usually visible from the front and rear but not from the sides. The USB-chargeable light from Cobber increases your visibility range to 330° and so it prevents accidents caused by lack of illumination.

While more people desire to buy an e-bike, the prices are still high. The Munich-based company Rebike1 cooperates with more than 80 partners across Germany that supply bikes to the customers. Their second-hand e-bikes can be found with price tags lowered by up to 40 per cent from the original price and all bikes still carry a two-year warranty on both the battery and the motor.

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