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Surviving the Office as an Athlete – Staying on Top of Nutrition

By Jiri Kaloc

There are several risks to having an office job as an active cyclist. One of the biggest is going off rails with your diet. You know how it goes, just coffee for breakfast, fast food in a rush for lunch, and an endless stream of celebratory cakes, vending machine sweets, and sugary soda. If you don’t get a handle on your nutrition at work, you might end up carrying some extra weight on your rides very soon.

Start with a good breakfast

You have a much higher chance of having a good day of eating if you start with a good breakfast. Focus on getting a good source of protein and a source of slow-release energy in the morning, especially if you also train before work or commute on your bike. A two-egg omelette with porridge and fruits is a great choice that will cover your body’s needs in the morning. If you don’t have the time to eat breakfast at home, try taking it with you to work. For more tips on different styles of breakfast check out our healthy breakfast series.

Bring your own lunch

Lunch time at the office is another opportunity for your nutrition to go wrong. If you bring your own lunch, you won’t be tempted by what your favourite restaurant has to offer. You will also have a good meal even if you’re in a rush. But most importantly, your lunch break might often be the time when you try to squeeze in some training. So, having your lunch ready on your desk when you return is essential. Check out our series on eating healthy on a budget to learn how to save time by cooking in bulk, utilizing leftovers, and cheap shopping for healthy ingredients.

Stock up on the right snacks

Snacking is probably the hardest thing to keep in check at work. If you want to experiment with some protein bars for snacking, check out our article about foods you should always keep at your arm’s reach.

Avoid sugary drinks

Another thing that you should consume on the bike but shouldn’t at the office are sugary drinks. You need quick sugar to maintain a high intensity in the saddle, but you will be better off choosing slow-release energy source in the office. If you’re just sitting, it’s better to go for water, both plain and mineral are great, and a variety of teas or coffee. Speaking of sitting, the topic of next week’s article will be all about how to minimize it during your work day.

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