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The Second Round of Eurobike 2017 Greatest Finds

By Adam Marsal

There are hundreds of new products presented annually at the biggest bicycle trade show in the world. These following gadgets and bikes belong among our favourites.

Camelbak with protection

Popular hydration experts bring more safety to their customers. Enhanced with the patented protector featuring a multi-layer thermo-elastic dual density foam construction, the hydration bags can absorb most of the impacts on your spine. They come in two sizes for the back and one for guarding your sternum. The protection can be worn either with the bags or separately.


More safety with animal-like helmets

How to convince your kids they should wear helmets? Make it fun. With these helmets designed in Denmark, there will be no need for persuasion, for your kids will love to transform themselves into charming animals. Behind these colourful characters, you will find high-quality helmets that will keep your children safe even in urban traffic.


Distributors wanted

Since Taiwan is the place where most of the bike components are being manufactured, it’s not a big surprise to find hundreds or new brands coming from this island to make their presence at the Eurobike trade show. X-Force Optics is a new producer of glasses and goggles for mountain biking. These guys are currently looking for European dealers. Someone interested?


Load the Uebler bike rack

Bringing your bike in one piece to the place you want to cycle is an important part of the game. When traveling by car, you can use a brand new bike rack coming from the German Ubler. Ergonomically refined and optimally suited for transporting up to 3 bikes, the F32 model is equipped with a patented quick-release mechanism and can be mounted in only a few seconds.


Make a trendy noise

Based in California, Electra Bicycle Company is well-known for building wonderful cruiser bikes. Since the real beauty is hidden in the details, they also produce a wide range of bicycle accessories such as bike horns, baskets, helmets, mirrors, grips, saddles, lights, and much more. For letting pedestrians know you’re coming from behind, use some of their fancy bike bells.


Conquer the city streets

On your crusade to find the perfect urban bicycle, you might notice i:SY machines from the German city of Hüllhorst. The bikes have all you need for daily commuting – electric power drive, stable frames with a low centre of gravity, a spacious luggage rack, and characteristic adjustable system that makes the bikes suitable for riders of height ranging from 150 to 190 cm, using only two simple clicks.


Set out for an adventure with Acepac

If you’re into cycling, you’ve probably noticed a great bikepacking boom in recent months. The Acepac from the Czech Republic is a sister company of Pinguin (http://www.pinguincz.cz/cs/) with a tradition of making high-quality outdoor equipment since 1989. They offer great bikepacking products for reasonable prices. The guys hooked up with the German bike manufacturer Ghost for a further cooperation, so stay tuned to hear about them more in the near future.


Make it virtual with the Tacx home trainer

When winter comes and asks you about how many kilometres have you done throughout the season, you can always answer: let’s see at the end of the year according to the count on my indoor trainer. Used by professional cycling teams such as Cannondale Drapac, Bora, Katusha Alpencin, and more, Tacx trainers belong among the best on the market. All Tacx Smart Trainers offer the same App and Software functions. Customers can select a virtual ride from a library including 100 trips from across the world and improve their performance when using advanced training tools. The Tacx NEO Smart trainer can be synced with Zwift, The Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, Bkool or any of the other indoor digital systems.


Suspension grips made of wood

Handlebar grips from Munich’s Velospring combine a natural aesthetics with innovative technological design. The walnut wood surface is hiding an inner spring suspension system that minimizes bouncing impacts on your hands and wrists.


This is the e-chopper, baby

The biggest disadvantage of all beautiful cruiser bikes has ever been their enormous weight. Equipped with the power of the strongest Bosch electric drive on the market, this stylish zero-emission vehicle can tackle effortlessly even the steepest inclines.