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The Craziest Fans of Le Tour de France

By WeLoveCycling

Every family has that one odd member who you should be always watchful around because you never know what shenanigans they might do. Well, the cycling family has one as well. More than one, actually. And they are all drawn to the Tour de France like flies to a chocolate. Here are the ones you should be especially watchful around.

El Diablo

The undisputed king of the Tour de France fans comes from Germany. And his real name is Didi Senft.

Digger Truck Fans

They have a tandem bicycle, lots to smoke and… a freaky digger.

The Chickens

A chicken crossed a Tour de France road and… multiplied. Apparently.

The Nudists

They. Are. Nude.

The Forrest Gumps

Do you really want to know if a man riding professionally on a bicycle is faster than a middle-aged man running not-professionally, holding a phone in selfie mode? Congratulations, you are probably one of them!

The Artists

Whether it is a giant bike drawn in a field of wheat or a ballet of tractors, these guys always get attention.

The Touchers

You love them so much you want a piece of them? Please, don’t be those guys. Respect the pros!