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Healthy Breakfast – How to Do It Right

By Jiri Kaloc

There are a lot of different meals that could be considered a healthy breakfast. The right choice depends on what the rest of your meals looks like, how active you are, and if you need to lose weight. But there are a few rules that apply in almost any healthy breakfast scenario. Let’s check them out.

Carbs-only breakfasts are no good

Breakfasts that are mostly made up of carb-heavy foods will give you quick energy but leave you feeling hungry long before it’s time for lunch. Meals like toast with jam or cereal with milk alongside a sugary beverage are very common nowadays and, sadly, are considered healthy. Then there are the ones we know are unhealthy but no less common like doughnuts or croissants. A breakfast like that is usually relatively nutrient poor, spikes your blood sugar, and makes you more likely to have energy dips and cravings throughout the day.

Make your breakfast satiating

Carbs are not bad – they just shouldn’t make up the overwhelming majority of your breakfast. A healthy body should be able to comfortably start the day without a sugar bomb. Making a satiating breakfast not only allows you to be hunger-free till lunch, it also reduces your cravings and chances for overeating throughout the whole day. The foods you select for your breakfast should contain a lot of protein, fibre, and water because that’s what sends the strongest satiety signals to the body. You can get a lot of fibre and protein from vegetables and enough protein from eggs, ham, cheese or nuts for example.

Build it around protein

Protein has been proven to not only help with satiation but also with weight loss and stable energy levels. You can’t go wrong with eggs as they provide easily digestible protein with all of the essential amino acids in the right proportions. Ham and cottage cheese are also good options if you need something portable. It gets a bit tricky if you want a sweet breakfast but a combination of Greek yoghurt with some nuts and seeds should give your body a good protein boost too.


Add fuel after workouts

If you’re working out or riding your bike first thing in the morning, your breakfast should contain not only protein but a good energy source like slow carbs or healthy fats too. That way your body has an easy time replenishing the depleted glycogen reserves in your muscles. Adding a piece of fruit, some oats, or sourdough bread to your egg omelette does the job.

Always include all 3 parts

To sum it up, a healthy breakfast should contain three things. First, there has to be a good portion of quality protein. Second, there should be some vegetables or whole fruits. And third, there needs to be a source of energy like avocados, nuts, or oats. With that in mind, in the next article, we will look at what to put in your cart next time you go shopping for breakfast foods.

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