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Healthy Breakfast – Explained in 60 Seconds

By Jiri Kaloc

You should know all of the essentials for a healthy breakfast now, except for one – what is the most appropriate morning beverage. Should you have a freshly squeezed orange juice? Or are coffee and tea the way to go? Or do you have to stick with plain water? Let’s take a closer look.

Avoid sweetened beverages

This rule applies to everything you drink, but keep it in mind at breakfast because there’s a beverage that still pretends to be healthy – orange juice. If you compare a freshly squeezed orange juice to any soda, you will see that the sugar content is virtually the same and except for a bit of vitamin C there’s not much else of note.


Coffee and tea are good options

Not only does coffee improve mood and alertness, which comes in handy early in the day, but it has also been shown to aid weight loss by increasing metabolism and fat burning. Just avoid fast-food sugary coffees that have more calories than a big lunch. Go for a quality espresso or a good green tea that has many of the same fat-burning effects.

Have a glass of water after waking up

If you want to boost your morning hydration, drink a big glass of water right after you wake up. If you do it about 30 minutes before your breakfast, your body will be much more ready to digest the food you give it. And it will help you avoid headaches caused by lack of drinking throughout the day.

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