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Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So, what did you miss?

Crowdfunding for safety

After last year’s success of the ‘close pass mats’ the British national charity for cyclists, Cycling UK, is raising money for another campaign. They aim to supply police departments with VR sets, in order to allow the non-cyclists to experience the danger of a close pass.
“For the two million people who cycle every day, close passes are an almost daily occurrence. Close passes are not only really intimidating but also dangerous: police attribute ‘passing too close to the cyclist’ as a contributory factor in a staggering 25% of serious collisions between cyclists and large vehicles,” reads the campaign statement.

Cycling UK was aiming for £15,000 to provide VR sets for 45 departments. However, the backers have already exceeded the original goal. With 11 days to go, this campaign is proving to be another success.

It’s in the eyes

Squad goals

Well, he shouldn’t have them anyway

Some don’t like that gravel

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