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Weight Loss – Explained in 60 Seconds

By Jiri Kaloc

Like most people interested in losing weight, you have probably read close to a million articles on the topic. Some of them made more sense than others, but it seems that a new weight-loss diet appears as soon as you finish studying the last one. Let’s put an end to this. Check out our video to learn a few basic principles that will get you from A to B, and don’t worry about the details.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a closer look at the main points.

Stop yourself from overeating

The best thing you can do to lose weight and keep it off is to eat less. But counting calories and running on pure willpower is not really sustainable, so what should you do? Choose real foods that are full of protein, fibre, and water. These foods are best at keeping hunger away and making you feel full. Choosing those foods every day will naturally make you eat less.

Avoid insulin spikes

Your body produces insulin when there is a lot of sugar in your blood. Insulin is called the fat-storage hormone because it causes the excess energy to be stored as body fat. Which foods make you produce a lot of insulin? Sugary drinks, candy, fries, white bread, pretty much any junk food. These foods are bad at keeping you full, plus they promote fat storage and block fat burning. Cut them out of your diet if you want results that last.

Don’t exercise just to burn calories

An hour-long run on a treadmill will burn roughly 350 kcal, that’s one and a half of a Snickers bar. If you’re trying to outrun a bad diet, you will never be fast enough. The point of exercise in weight loss is not to burn calories but to improve your hormones. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity, which is key for maintaining a healthy weight. So, do sports you enjoy for fun, not to sweat out donuts.

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